Goal Setting for a New Year

This is my favorite time of year because as the calendar flips things feel fresh. It’s like getting a brand new notebook at the beginning of a school year…or was I the only one obsessed with office supplies as a middle school student?

Every December I look back on my goals from the previous year and work on drafting new ones. Nothing makes me feel better than saying I want to do something and then accomplishing it but I found that my new year goals always get out of hand. In the end I would accomplish almost none of them because I stretched myself too thin! Last year I made a goal setting system that keeps me from overdoing it. The Three H’s. I set three big goals every year, one for my health, my heart, and my hustle. I set one very specific goal for each of these categories and then break it down to monthly and weekly tasks that I think will help me accomplish it!

There are a few things to take into consideration when setting your goals to ensure you don’t quit before you begin! Making sure your goal is measurable is extremely important. Instead of setting a goal like, ‘make more money’ or ‘be healthier,’ try for goals like, ‘earn an extra $5,000 with my side hustle’ or ‘be able to run three miles.’ Which brings me to another important thing: don’t set unattainable goals. Like running three miles for me…probably not attainable. I have bad knees. I hate running. I don’t have a strong desire to accomplish it. Instead, my health goal will probably have to do with yoga! It’s something I have a strong interest in and I see it aligning well with the future I want to build!

Last little tip? Make sure your goals are time-bound! Having a timeline helps you stay focused and in my experience without one, I end up losing track and never really applying myself.

Below I’ve listed what my goals for the new year are going to be! I’d love to hear what you all are working to accomplish!

  1. Health

    I want to learn to better control my handstands in yoga! My goal is to be able to easily hold them for thirty seconds at a time. To achieve this goal I’m going to make time in my schedule to go to a class at my gym at least once a week and practice at home at least three times a week!

  2. Heart

    I want to improve my self-care. My goal is to create a care routine for myself that I practice daily. I want it to include taking my makeup off every single night and doing all the things my best friend, Jacy, tells me to do. She is incredible at taking care of herself and I want to make it a habit too! I’m going to check in every week and to make sure I’m maintaining this one because I know it will be hard for me to not give it up.

  3. Hustle

    I want to start releasing digital products! My goal is to release at least two educational products during the calendar year. I’m going to dream up ideas and get started planning!

Happy hustling, friends!




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