Honesty Is The Best Policy

Last night I posted a story asking why people followed along and the response was outstanding. I read some of your responses and was actually crying. You all follow me for various reasons but the most common response was that you all think I'm genuine. It's my favorite word so you can imagine how thrilled I was when you all said it. I mean, I can't tell a lie, it's true. I'm even terrible at white lies that are supposed to guard secrets and surprises. By the end of college my parents were begging me to lie to them, apparently I was an oversharer (sorry, Mom and Dad). 

I've most recently found this to be an issue as I try to continue in a career that I have lost my passion for. That's the first time I've said those words on the internet and it's terrifying. I'm scared to share this with my following because I don't want to stop shooting weddings entirely and I don't want to destroy my brand but I am conflicted because, well, honey don't lie well. I'm in this weird mode that I think may come with your twenties (also might just be life) where I have no idea what I'm doing. I landed in wedding world by accident and while I have the best clients on the entire planet and I enjoy what I do, I struggle balancing my personal life with the career I've created. I especially have a hard time convincing brides of the value of their wedding photos when in my honest opinion there should be the most weight put on their marriage. I realize both can be important but I lose sleep at night worrying that I'm part of a generation that is shallow as a shower. 

Deep in my heart I believe we are putting too much of our self-worth into things that are non-existent. I know that too many of us lose sleep over our wedding photos, our vacation posts, and our snapchat stories. I think so many of us believe that if we put ourselves out there to be perceived a specific way then that is how things are but it's just not true. I see this as I shoot weddings. I've heard stories of brides suing for images not getting enough likes on Instagram or writing horrific yelp reviews because their photographer wasn't ensuring they got tagged in every feature. Dude. These are real things I've heard from various photo friends. And while I haven't experienced anything like this myself, it has worn on my heart listening to these experiences. 

I don't want to put down my camera but I do want to put content out that is honest. I want to share my own life experiences and I want to be a part of what I'm hoping will be a bigger change in the coming years on the internet. I want to see people realize that what's most important are the relationships. The people. The love. The kindness. Reaching out and telling people how important they are. Reminding others that we all matter and make an impact. It's why my long term plan is changing...I want to encourage and inspire and I hope that you all will join me as I attempt to do just that. 




Hi! I'm Jo.

I want to live in a world where anyone, anywhere can pursue their passions and do what they love. My contribution to this dream? This little place on the internet. 

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