How To Create Genuine Interaction Online 

Genuine. It’s one of my favorite words and it’s a word that I rarely associate with the internet. This post has been a hard one for me to write. If I’m going to be honest, I don’t feel like I’m established enough or big enough to share any kind of secrets about social media but I think that’s normal. There is always someone doing better, always someone bigger, and always someone with more interaction. It’s part of the game. I use the word game because that's how we treat it, isn’t it? So many people look for a quick fix to grow their following but genuine interaction comes from somewhere else. Trust and authenticity. You have to take the time to build your online presence, the same way you build real life relationships. Social media is a way for us to curate the lives we’re living and decide what we share. So how do you help people feel connected? How do you create an environment where they want to interact? I don’t know that I have all the answers but I’ll tell you what I crave in the people I follow and what I’ve found works best for me! 


We’re a society of people addicted to authenticity but we’re not putting that much authenticity out. We curate all the details, we build these beautiful online lives but that isn’t the most relatable. Your online presence is the perfect time to share your personality! This is the the thing no one else can recreate, so you should use it. You are the best you, seems simple enough, right? Share the silly, the serious, the mistakes, the successes! People want to see it. I am literally the dorkiest human on the planet and I don’t say that as an insult. I embrace it. I love it. I love to have dance parties with my fiancé in my kitchen, I love to talk to my dog in ridiculous voices, and I love to fall asleep to Harry Potter audiobooks. Is some of that kind of weird? Absolutely. Does it set me apart? Yes. I think sometimes we have to let go the fear of judgment and be unapologetically ourselves. Be the genuine corner of people’s Instagram feed and you will find yourself relating to people in a whole new way. 


This doesn’t mean spend every waking hour on social media. Don’t worry. What it does mean? Post imagery that speaks to you often, caption those photos with real thoughts that you’re having, ask questions, tell stories, and let people in. Another thing you’re probably not using enough? Instagram stories. They’re your new best friend. It’s a window into your every day life and will help remind people you’re there.


I can’t repeat this enough. Respond. To. Your. Comments and DMs. All of them if you can. I realize at some point influencers and business owners get so big that you can’t respond to everything but a half hour a day responding is worth it. Imagine having a conversation with a person in real life, you walk up to this person you think you’re going to like and ask them a question. They pretend like you aren’t even there. You’re probably not going to ever try to interact with them, right? Why is this any different online? If you want people to take the time and invest in you, you need to take the time to invest back in them. Build relationships. Love people. Be kind. It will benefit you in more ways than one. 


What are a few words you use to describe yourself? For me, it’s positive, energetic, and empowering. What are a few things you want everyone to know about you? I want people to know I’m a dog mom, I love Chipotle and rap music, and I’m an aggressively-average yogi. Take some time to make a short list. What are the most important things people can know about you? The things that all of your close friends associate with you. Focus on those things. This will attract your tribe and bring you the followers that want to interact because they relate to what you’re sharing! 

The biggest takeaway from all of this? Genuine interaction is easier to find when you give your audience genuine content. Be genuine, be present, be social, be you. 




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