My Bachelorette : A Palm Springs Dream


My Palm Springs Bachelorette Weekend

Feat. My Favorite Humans & A Difficult To Dress Mannequin


The cutest AirBnb there ever was! We loved this place because there were six separate units to accommodate our large group. It also included a private pool, fire pit, outdoor dining area, and an amazing main unit with plenty of space for the whole crew to hang out!

Best. Week. Ever.

I can’t even describe to you all how amazing this trip was. All of my friends, from different chapters of my life, all together in one place to hang out and get to know one another. I honestly can’t think of anything better.

I’m in the phase of my life where friends are all over the country…New York, Washington State, Texas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, etc. and I knew that meant most of us were traveling regardless so I immediately googled ‘where is warm in February?’.

Palm Springs it was, friends.

Jacy and I got started scouring the internet for places that would accommodate the number that I wanted to invite and found Hotel El Cid! If you have a large group and want to plan a trip to Palm Springs, this is the place to stay. Holy moly, we loved it!

Lots of you asked to see the guide Jacy made for all of the girls coming and I’ve attached that here! She’s amazing and put so much work into making sure this trip had every detail in line and for that I’m thankful.


I’m not the best at summarizing trips or explaining things we did and for that I am sorry. If you all have specific questions please feel free to hit me up. I’m here to answer all the things. All the swimsuits are linked in a highlight on my Instagram!

We could walk to the main shopping and dining areas from our place so we shopped, ate, and played through the days. I spent loads of time by the pool and tried really hard to get a little bit of alone time with each of my people.

We made sure to get a handful of group photos, of course! The shot below is after our Saturday brunch. We all cooked breakfast together in our matching outfits, shoutout to Aerie for making the softest pants of all time.


All my girls.

I’m thankful.



Jo Johnson