Goal Setting for a New Year

This is my favorite time of year because as the calendar flips things feel fresh. It’s like getting a brand new notebook at the beginning of a school year…or was I the only one obsessed with office supplies as a middle school student? Every December I look back on my goals from the previous year and work on drafting new ones. Nothing makes me feel better than saying I want to do something and then accomplishing it but I found that my new year goals always get out of hand.


My Proposal Story

I feel as if I’ve told this story a zillion times in the last year but I realized I had never told it on my blog. It only took an entire year for me to share all of these gorgeous images that Kelsie and Joe took, and to tell the incredibly sweet story of Matt pulling off the biggest surprise of all time. I think this story is best told partially from Matt’s perspective and partially from mine, so I’ve asked him to tell his side of things, starting with…

Honesty is the best policy

Last night I posted a story asking why people followed along and the response was outstanding. I read some of your responses and was actually crying. You all follow me for various reasons but the most common response was that you all think I'm genuine. It's my favorite word so you can imagine how thrilled I was when you all said it. I mean, I can't tell a lie, it's true. I'm even terrible at white lies that are supposed to guard secrets and surprises. By the end of college my parents were begging me to lie to them, apparently I was an oversharer (sorry, Mom and Dad).