My Bachelorette : A Palm Springs Dream

I can’t even describe to you all how amazing this trip was. All of my friends, from different chapters of my life, all together in one place to hang out and get to know one another. I honestly can’t think of anything better. I’m in the phase of my life where friends are all over the country…New York, Washington State, Texas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, etc. and I knew that meant most of us were traveling regardless so I immediately googled ‘where is warm in February?’. Palm Springs it was, friends.


Italy : A Photo Guide of Milan, Rome, Florence, & Venice (but mostly Rome)

I started to put together my guide from our trip to Italy and realized something…I’m not good at food recommendations and there are lots of incredible posts on the internet that tell you amazing places to go (some of my favorites here, here, and here) but there isn’t a post I could find that told you about the photos. What time were they taken to get that light, how you avoid crowds, all that stuff, you know? Here are my tips, tricks, and times from my visit taking portraits in Italy. All times will be explained in relation to sunset so no matter what time of year you’re there, this guide can help!